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About Beth Bloom


Beth Bloom believes the workplace is a reflection of one of America’s most important core values – that everyone has an equal opportunity to excel. When an employer goes against this value by illegally terminating an employee due to discrimination or retaliation, Beth vigorously advocates on the worker’s behalf. A skilled and experienced litigator with a track record of multimillion-dollar verdicts, she sees trials as a powerful tool for social justice and one of the most effective means for leveling the playing field between employee and employer.

Whereas many employment attorneys will opt to settle a claim for pennies on the dollar, Beth has the courage to stand up to powerful institutions to give her clients their day in court in front of a jury of their peers. She does this by carefully vetting every case and thoroughly investigating the facts to gauge the strength of the claim and formulate a winning argument. That said, her pursuit of justice is not blind. She will advise her clients if a case is more suitable for a settlement based on a meticulous calculation of risk.

Beth has an innate gift to see and meet her clients wherever they are on their litigation journey. When clients come to her, they are often angry and hurt – angry at the injustice they’ve experienced and hurt because of the betrayal of their employer’s actions. Beth bears witness to her client’s emotional pain and serves as a source of strength and support. When the defense uses tactics to bully or embarrass, she is there to give them a pep talk and insulate them from harassment. When doubt about the value of a claim creeps in, she is there to remind clients of their case’s potential for both personal and social impact. And when the journey comes to an end and a client is vindicated in court, Beth is there to celebrate her client’s victory.

Experienced Speaker

Beth, an accomplished trial lawyer, has dedicated her career to restoring justice for employees who have been fired because of who they are or because they stood up for what is right., Beth is also a popular national speaker who discusses trial advocacy and employment law.

For more information on Beth as a speaker, download her media kit*.

An Advocate for Other Lawyers

Beth enjoys collaborating with other like-minded lawyers who are passionate about promoting equality in the workplace. As a firm believer in the power of jury trials to provoke social change, she is available to help other attorneys enhance their trial capabilities, either as co-counsel or as a consultant.

Because of her reputation as an experienced trial lawyer, attorneys have recruited Beth to join their litigation teams at every stage of a matter, from pre-litigation to trial. She also provides education to attorneys at all stages of their careers who wish to strengthen their trial advocacy skills and learn results-driven trial techniques.

A History of Social Justice

Beth’s commitment to social justice predates her experience as an attorney. She has always sought a career path that would allow her to help create a more equitable society for all. This gravitation toward a helping profession can be traced back to her parents. Her father was a psychologist, while her mother was a nurse and social worker.

Her first experience with social justice work occurred when she was hired to assist with media and public relations for a prominent LGBTQ+ rights organization in Washington, D.C. While there, she used her gift for weaving compelling narratives about the human condition to promote causes that further rights for people of all sexual orientations and gender expressions.

As a means to contribute even more substantively toward an equitable world, Beth enrolled in law school at the New York University School of Law. After graduating, she realized that employment law was the perfect avenue in which to fight for the everyday individual. She clerked in New York for U.S. District Court Judge Deborah Batts, the first openly lesbian judge appointed to the judiciary. In that role, she was immersed in the legal system, learning about the courtroom and trial advocacy from the inside.

In 2001, she moved back to her hometown of Seattle and worked for two prominent employment law firms, where she represented workers in lawsuits and arbitrations. It was through these experiences that she realized she had a gift for quick thinking and persuasive argumentation. With the requisite skills honed and a clear vision for her mission, Beth created Bloom Law in 2019. Bloom Law fights for a future where no one is harassed or retaliated and discriminated against at work. Since its inception, the firm has established a reputation for reshaping what it means to secure full justice and create lasting change.

On a Personal Note

Beth enjoys giving back to the legal profession as a board member for the Endowment for Equal Justice. She is a longtime supporter of the King County Bar Association and past recipient of its President’s Award for civic contribution. In 2005, she co-founded QLaw: the LGBTQ+ Bar Association of Washington and the QLaw Foundation, both social justice and service organizations.

Beth has received many honors for her work, including being named perennially as a “Washington Super Lawyer” in plaintiff’s employment litigation. Beth is honored as one of the top 100 Trial Lawyers and Top 50 Women Lawyers in Washington. She regularly teaches trial advocacy and employment law at legal seminars.

On her days off, Beth enjoys time outside with her family and friends, especially paddling the many lakes and rivers of beautiful Washington. She also loves to travel.


J.D. – New York University School of Law (cum laude)

B.A. – University of Washington


Ms. Bloom is a Board Member of the Endowment for Equal Justice Board, which invests in a sustainable future for civil legal aid funding to benefit Washington families facing poverty, racial, social, and economic injustice. She received the President’s Award from the King County Bar Association for her civic leadership and contributions to the legal community.


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