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Beth Bloom combats workplace discrimination one case at a time. Her unique approach has led to many cases resulting in record-breaking verdicts garnering media attention.

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Judge rules for Pruitt in his lawsuit against City of Edmonds

An attempt by the City of Edmonds to squash the lawsuit brought against them by Sherman Pruitt is rejected by the US District Court

KIRO TV covers Alana Curatola's lawsuit against Northwest Eye Surgeons

A local mom is now suing her former employer after she said they fired her for taking maternity leave.

Rachel Rasmussen tells her story to the Seattle Times

When Rachel Rasmussen reported that her manager had made an anti-gay joke, she suddenly found herself facing a one-day suspension over parking tickets.

Dr. Alana Curatola sues former employer for pregnancy discrimination

Dr. Curatola, former optometric physician at Northwest Eye Surgeons, files complaint against Sight Partners Physicians P.C. alleging gender and pregnancy discrimination, as well as retaliation for taking approved maternity leave.

Transgender former employee of Boeing sues for on-the-job harassment

Rachel Rasmussen, alleging over a decade of relentless harassment, claims Boeing failed to protect her and allowed a culture of harassment to persist

Sherman Pruitt files racial discrimination suit after job offer rescinded by Edmonds Police Department

Suit exposes claims of racial stereotyping and questions about diversity and equality in Department leadership.

Edmonds Police Chief Candidate sues, saying racism cost him job

Sherman Pruitt said he was unlawfully judged by city leaders “based on his skin color” in 2020.

Groundbreaking Lawsuit: Ex-Police Chief Hits Edmonds City, Mayor, and Councilmember with Racism Allegations

Sherman Pruitt alleges racially biased hiring practices after sudden withdrawal of his Police Chief offer

Bloom Law client Brian Kniffen in the news

Brian is suing his former employer, alleging they fired him after nearly 30 years to avoid paying more in insurance premiums for injuries he sustained on the job.

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