Employment Civil Rights Fellowship

Bloom Law offers a two-year fellowship position that is integral to our firm operations and implements our philosophy that justice and equal opportunity are indispensable elements of democracy and well worth fighting for.

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The Fellowship is a full-time position with no billable hour requirement. Non-billable time is necessary to earn CLE credit, observe trials, depositions, client meetings, and other legal services work is valued learning time for the fellow. At the same time, meeting deadlines and timely completion of assigned work, is expected.

The Fellow’s primary duty is to evaluate new client matters and make recommendations for potential litigation – to provide client-focused service, with sensitivity to the demands of litigation and the needs of our diverse clientele and an aim to exceed client expectations every day. Additional learning opportunities of the fellowship align with the firm’s mission and workflow and involve integrating the Fellow into the following areas:


The Fellow is considered part of our investigations team. Our practice specializes in providing comprehensive consultation and analysis services for employment matters. We conduct thorough pre-litigation investigations to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ employment issues, incorporating cutting-edge automated technology into our processes. Our approach is centered around efficient analysis of both facts and relevant laws to assess the viability of potential litigation. The team collaborates to conduct damages workups and works closely with clients to uncover the narrative surrounding their case and the unique aspects of each situation. We provide detailed written feasibility memos. These memos contain a comprehensive analysis, covering legal aspects, factual insights, and strategic considerations. Our goal is to present a well-rounded understanding of the case for the benefit of our firm attorneys, clients, and co-counsel.


The Fellow is involved heavily in litigation by working with attorneys and co-counsel to complete discovery; drafting or editing written interrogatories and requests for production, and attending certain depositions. In the second year of fellowship, opportunities to take or defend witness depositions may be feasible.

Trial Advocacy.

The Fellow assists in drafting pre-trial and trial pleadings and briefs. Attends and observes jury trials as feasible and takes part in strategic discussion and preparation for trial.

Our firm values business over busyness. This means identifying and pursuing the most efficient manner of completing work through use of technology and mastering software, project and task planning, use of templates and forms, outsourcing, and delegation. The Fellow is expected delegate and supervise task completion by paralegals, legal assistants, investigators as appropriate to individual training and qualifications.

Bloom Law is an equal opportunity employer. Each of us takes responsibility to safeguard and nurture the support and inclusion of all individuals on our team and our diverse clientele from all cultures and communities.

Current Fellow: Beth Kidd

Next Fellowship available: September 2025

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