Vision, Mission & Objectives

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Our vision:

To create equal workplaces where employees can succeed based on their hard work and skills, free from discrimination or retaliation for standing up for what is right.

Our mission:

We help employees restore their dignity when they experience workplace discrimination or retaliation. We protect the individuality and integrity of employees. We carefully investigate our cases to ensure we understand each human story. Then we inspire jurors to return full justice verdicts that reflect the true value of equal opportunity. Jury trials have the power to make discrimination and retaliation unprofitable. Our clients have the power to create lasting change. We are honored to guide them on their journey.

Our strategic objectives:

At Bloom Law we continually strive to evaluate the “why” and “how” of the work that we do – how we view our clients, ourselves as firm, and the foundations of our practice. To that end, we see the following as our key operating principles and objectives:

  • We provide strategic, focused and caring legal representation at the highest level
  • We built relationships of trust with our clients
  • We have a decentralized organization that promotes autonomy and creativity within defined zones
  • We optimize the creative use of technology to increase efficiency, quality and collaboration
  • We highlight our excellent reputation and the impact of our cases
  • We attract and retain excellent employees
  • We accept trial-worthy cases with clear liability and societal impact
  • We make workplace discrimination too damn expensive, one case at a time
  • We take good cases, make them great, and go to trial
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Committed & high-quality representation for employees

Bloom Law PLLC offers trial advocacy, employment litigation, and thorough case investigation you can count on.

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