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Seattle, Washington. April 19, 2019

In her latest book, my friend Courtney Rowley and co-author Theresa Bowen Hatch, make the case that women trial lawyers thrive when we embrace our strengths as women and don’t mask them. In this thoughtful book review, Isabel Cole writes, “We connect, we talk, we empathize, we feel things, and understand things, and create bonds, sometimes almost effortlessly. There is great power in that ability when you need to connect with a jury; when you need to get the jury to understand just how your plaintiff’s life has changed, how they have been forever altered by the event that the jury is now being asked to render judgment upon.”

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What these women explain should be common sense, that our connection is a powerful tool. Women are uniquely equipped to shape the hearts and minds of jurors through genuine connection. Just look at the exceptional trial results of women lawyers here in Washington, including the record $123 million verdict achieved by local great Karen Koehler.

“As women lawyers, so many of us try to blend into the male world of trial work by fitting into a mold that wasn’t built for us and doesn’t suit us. That’s a mistake. When I am truly authentic, not trying to be anyone but who I am, I am at my best. I can connect. I can listen. And I can persuade,” said Seattle employment trial attorney Beth Bloom.

Paraphrasing trial attorney Courtney Rowley’s famous rallying cry at her recent book party, “Bring on the women!”

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