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The legal market in the Puget Sound area includes a number of excellent employment law firms representing employees. Most of these firms do not regularly take cases to trial. Nor do they have the record or reputation of Ms. Bloom for standout success at trial.

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New State Law Gives High-Risk Employees Right to Alternative Work Assignments to Minimize COVID-19 Exposure

Governor’s Proclamation prevents job loss, health insurance loss, and retaliation.

What to Do If You’re Being Sexually Harassed

Even in the wake of #MeToo, there’s no clear-cut “right” way to respond to sexual harassment. Here’s how to make an informed decision about what to do.

Trial By Woman

Do women have super strength as trial lawyers? “We connect, we talk, we empathize, we feel things, and understand things, and create bonds, sometimes almost effortlessly. There is great power in that ability when you need to connect with a jury.”

Useful Resources for Employees

We can’t help everyone with an employment problem. But these resources can help you understand your rights and point you in the right direction

What to Do When You Think You’re About to Get Fired

Whether you’re worried about getting the boot or getting a pink slip, here are some tips to protect yourself before the axe falls.

Federal jury awarded $5 million to man fired from Mercedes-Benz of Seattle after cancer surgery

Troy Coachman was a 14-year employee of the Mercedes-Benz dealership on Airport Way when he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent a laryngectomy at the end of 2014.

Corporate America Is Suppressing Wages for Many Workers

Even after eight years of economic recovery and steady private-sector job growth, wages for most Americans have hardly budged. A new study reports that one in five workers with a high school education or less are subject to noncompete agreements.

Port of Seattle reaches $8 million settlement over wrongful firings

A jury awarded $16 million to two former Port of Seattle employees it determined were wrongfully fired, among the biggest verdicts of its kind in state history. A settlement between the plaintiffs and the Port caps damages.

Jury finds Port of Seattle wrongfully fired employees who claimed retaliation from commissioner

A King County jury found Thursday that the Port of Seattle wrongfully terminated two employees, who alleged they were ousted for refusing to extend leases of airport businesses favored by a Port commissioner.

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