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2020: Top 100 Verdicts in the United States *

A $6,851,743 jury verdict against FedEx Freight for an employee effectively discharged because of unfounded fears about his disability. Goldstine v. FedEx Freight.

2018: Top 25 Labor & Employment Verdicts in the United States.

A $4,934,060 jury verdict against a luxury car dealership for an employee fired because of his cancer-related disability. Coachman v Seattle Mercedes Benz.

2017: Top 25 Labor & Employment Verdicts in the United States.

A $16,097,342 jury verdict against the Port of Seattle for two airport employees who reported possible ethics violations by a Port Commissioner. Zachrisson v Port of Seattle.

* Source: www.TopVerdict.com. Top Verdict recognizes attorneys and law firms based on historic facts and not on the opinion of others. Most firms will make a Top Verdict list only once in their history. Top Verdict lists are generated based on extensive research. Sources include court records, electronic submissions by attorneys, and major legal publications.

Cases in the News

Fired Kennewick fire chief sues, saying racial discrimination cost him his job

Former Kennewick Fire Chief Vince Beasley is suing the city of Kennewick in federal court, saying he was fired because he is Black and opposed discriminatory practices toward racial minorities and women.

Tacoma Jury Stands Up for Educators, Awarding Teacher $546,000 in Lawsuit Against Bremerton School District

The special education teacher suffered injuries after the school principal barricaded her in a room with a known violent student.

Jury Orders FedEx Freight to Pay $6.85 Million for Disability Discrimination

Shipping company refused to let disabled employee work despite medical clearance then retaliated. New all-video Zoom trial allows courts to reopen.


five stars

The best attorney to have on your side.

My relationship with Beth Bloom started in the way that probably most attorney-client relationships start. With a distress call. From that first conversation, she listened intently and I discovered her incredible ability to absorb, process and retain information – and translate that information into strategy. She’s also smart enough to see opportunities and potential pitfalls that enable her to shift strategy when needed. All this really means that she’s a damn good attorney, an incredibly smart woman, and not least, a human being committed to serving the underdog and “doing the right thing.” She could have taken her talents to a practice of law that would be far more lucrative than helping people who by the very nature of their issue (employment) have no money. But that’s not Beth. She’s truly one-of-a-kind and the best attorney to have on your side. My first distress call led to a partnership that won me justice, and brought me a hero for life.

Posted by Former Client

five stars

Outstanding & beyond expectations. I Strongly recommended.

I worked with Beth over several years and she has always been professional and easy to talk to. She guided me all along the way. She is very knowledgable, skilled and experienced attorney. Her approach to my case was the right approach. She always has my best interest at heart. She is well versed in employment law and knows how to navigate through any situation regardless of the sensitivity and complexity of the issue at hand. She is also very LGBT friendly with great experience in representing transgender clients. My case was very delicate and there were many fine lines that we had to cross along the way. I always felt that she had my best interest at her heart. What a great advocate! I had the best possible outcome I could ever imagine! I recommend her strongly.

Posted by Former Client

five stars

The right attorney for the right case.

I used Beth to represent me in an employment discrimination case. The case was unusual, complicated, and drawn out. I could not have asked for a better attorney to get me through it. Beth was on top of every development, and I never had to ask about the progression of the matter. Beth got me the best possible outcome and kept my expectations realistic during the process.

When you are harassed and discriminated against in your workplace, it is easy to get caught up in the emotional aspects and lose your focus on the things that will help you eventually resolve the issues. Beth is an excellent advocate and kept me grounded in reality until she was able to get my case resolved. If you have a problem with your employer, she is the one you want on your side.

Posted by Former Client

five stars

Highly Recommended.

Beth Bloom skillfully guided me through a legal issue demonstrating expertise, dedication, and integrity every step of the way. She was an excellent listener and communicator and followed through on every commitment that she made. She was very responsive to calls/emails, keeping me apprised of all activity. One thing that I especially appreciated about Beth, was that instead of being focused solely on my case, she showed thoughtfulness and concern regarding how the case was affecting/would affect other aspects of my life. Also, near the end of my case, Beth really went the “extra mile”, demonstrating the utmost patience and integrity, which resulted in the best possible outcome for me. I would highly recommend this very competent and ethical attorney.

Posted by Former Client

five stars

Beth Bloom employment-related issues.

Beth Bloom helped me with a very traumatic issue in my workplace. We worked together over a period of 4 months to find a resolution. Beth was very patient and attentive and uncannily accurate in her assessment of the situation. I’m completely satisfied with the outcome and very pleased to have found an attorney that I could completely trust.

Posted by Former Client

five stars

Great job.

Beth was a great person to have on my team. With her help I was able to get a much better outcome than what I was told by my employer. She also did a great job on helping me be realistic about what my options really were (very few). But she was able to take those few choices and turn it into a better result for me than what I could have gotten by myself. In addition, she was very pleasant to work with.

Posted by Former Client

five stars

Exceptional Professional.

I worked with Beth for over 6 months. She was extremely knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. She was supportive, down to earth and very helpful as we planned. She provided clear information, kept every commitment, was very easy to reach and work with. She expertly addressed every development to ensure the best possible outcome. She is a true advocate for her clients and doing what’s right. She was recommended to me by another very satisfied client. I have since recommended her to others and will continue to do so. She is definitely one of ‘the good guys’.

Posted by Former Client

five stars

True partner & advocate.

Engaging in legal action is not a comfortable or generally positive experience, but Beth made the journey a successful one by constantly keeping me informed, serving as a trusted guide and advocate, and working tirelessly on my behalf.

She was a consummate professional and I encourage anyone looking for legal representation to consider her services. She helps makes terrible situations empowering ones.

Posted by Former Client
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